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Super mario glitchy 4 by ultimatecomicscanada-d6al68e
smg4 is a character recolor of mario . Like any other character . mario is a retard. he loves being stupid and he loves being a hero. He makes videos that mario , luigi moments . However he dislike slg4 from sup bro. slg4's bro is smg3 and evil counterpart of smg4 . smg4 did not appear in mm's bloopers. he appears starman 3's video called Happy birthday Smg4 he was in luigi yoshi 11's mugen video when he fight mario . at smg4 vs smg3 when a guy on youtube calls smg3 stealing smg4 ideas mario and smg4 must stop him. meeting new friends along the way. He likes mario ' luigi ' x and starman


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